Resizable RuneScape client!

07box let's you play RuneScape in a resizable window. It works by cloning the RuneScape window to a larger window that is overlaid ontop of the actual client. It hides your real cursor and displays a replacement cursor on the clone in a position relative to the actual cursor on the client. Real mouse clicks still take place in the actual client, by the user, without simulating anything, therefore it shouldn't break any RuneScape rules.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Let the testing begin

07box is ready to be tested. Let's see if this thing actually works. Let's call this version the 1.0. I'm not a fan of alphas and betas. There will be bugs, and considering I had no experience with C# prior to starting developing 07box, there will be lot's of bugs. I have no idea how it will perform on 7 or Vista. Maybe it'll even work on 32bit OS-es, but I doubt it.

I've been working on this from 6am to 22pm for the past week. Of course not strictly, and always with RuneScape open on the second monitor, but it's been a... productive week. I'm quite tired. I'll just drop a link to here on reddit and head off to bed. In fact, if there are no serious bugs, I'll just kick it for a week, because I'm dying to train some "active" skills on 07scape. And finally I can do so without squinting my eyes.