Resizable RuneScape client!

07box let's you play RuneScape in a resizable window. It works by cloning the RuneScape window to a larger window that is overlaid ontop of the actual client. It hides your real cursor and displays a replacement cursor on the clone in a position relative to the actual cursor on the client. Real mouse clicks still take place in the actual client, by the user, without simulating anything, therefore it shouldn't break any RuneScape rules.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Complete rewrite:, new features and open source

As the first installment of 07box was my very first C# project without any prior knowledge of C# whatsoever I based it on a source code of an existing program. Obviously it was quite a mess, as first things always are. Now that I was a little more comfortable with C# I started 07box as a new project, from scratch.

The end result is pretty much the same, if not better. Added in are also couple of new features.


Now when you hold down the modifier key, which is Left Alt, toolbox shows up from where you can perform various operations.

Note: "Hide" is still a little buggy. The client unhides if you hit the modifier key. Sorry about that, will be fixed in the next release. Also you may get an error when taking a screenshot if creating a folder in the 07box.exe location requires administrative privileges. It will attempt to create a folder called "Screenshots" in the same folder as the executable - you can do this manually.


My second monitor recently burned out. That left me with very little room, so I created a second clone of RS, but a smaller one. This clone is non-functional - you can't click on it to interact with RuneScape, but you can use it to monitor RuneScape while the real window is hidden. You can also show/hide the real window by clicking on it. It's still quite alpha but does it's job. I plan to rewrite it soon to allow for zooming in and panning the area you wish to monitor.

Idle warning

Sometimes when fishing Sharks it can take well over 5 minutes before any game interaction is required. So I was constantly being automatically logged out. I added a progress bar to the taskbar icon to warn me before that happens.

Mouse hopping

Mouse now hops straight onto the real RuneScape client when it enters the enlarged clone (indicated with red lines). No hopping occurs on the game itself so I think everything is following RuneScape rules. Still a little bit buggy unfortunately (it sometimes hops back to the starting point) but nothing gamebreaking.

Open source

Last time I introduced 07box to reddit without the source code I received negative karma and numerous insults. Now that I've written it from scratch I'm comfortable putting the code out there as well, so here it is: https://github.com/07box/07box

I'm not very familiar with source control and am not exactly looking to use github as a part of the development now. This is mainly just so people can verify that nothing malicious is in the code. But if you wish to fork or contribute, you are free to do so.

The binaries, of course, can be decompiled as well (using a C# decompiler of your choice), or you can use the source code to compile the binaries yourself.