Resizable RuneScape client!

07box let's you play RuneScape in a resizable window. It works by cloning the RuneScape window to a larger window that is overlaid ontop of the actual client. It hides your real cursor and displays a replacement cursor on the clone in a position relative to the actual cursor on the client. Real mouse clicks still take place in the actual client, by the user, without simulating anything, therefore it shouldn't break any RuneScape rules.


Current features

  • Resize RuneScape
    • Left Alt + Mouse Wheel
  • Move 07box
    • Left Alt + Left Click + Drag
  • Hide 07box
    • Left Alt + Hide
    • Right click on Mini
    • Middle mouse button click on Mini
  • Show 07box
    • Left click on taskbar icon
    • Click on mini
  • Screenshot
    • Left Alt + Screenshot
    • Or Print Screen while 07box is active
  • Mini RuneScape
    • A small, resizable, always-on-top thumbnail of RuneScape that one can use to keep track of what the avatar is doing and toggle the visibility of real RuneScape window by clicking on it
    • To resize Mini hold down Left Alt
  • Idle reminder
    • If you haven't moved your cursor in RuneScape window for over 300 seconds then a progress bar will begin to tick on 07box taskbar icon reminding you to move your cursor so your character wouldn't be automatically logged out of the game

Known bugs

  • On some machines Mini will freeze when you hide 07box
  • Mini changes aspect ratio while resizing, character not centered perfectly